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  ideation workshop


PhDs and researchers at 3 day innovation and business skills workshop.

Funded under the NERC SCENARIO Doctoral Training Programme.

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Water, food and climate change in Kazakhstan.

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  Andes mountains


Who pays for climate change damages?

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  Thames Barrier


The Great Debate - Engineering the environment: coping with climate change

Monday 16 March | 7.00pm

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  city outline


Cancellation of Eco-towns planning policy - read comment by Prof Gavin Parker

The coalition’s recent decision to revoke Eco-towns planning guidance is illogical, but not surprising.....read more>>


  Farmer in Mozambique


Flooding in Mozambique

Living with floods could be a better adaptation strategy than moving rural populations to new settlements.

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  cc risk book by Nigel Arnell


New publication: A Short Guide to Climate Change Risk by Professor Nigel Arnell

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UK's major political parties join forces to tackle climate change.

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  energy efficient house


Does energy efficiency matter to home buyers?

New research from the School of Real Estate and Planning suggests making your home energy efficient could raise its value by 5%.

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  Prof Hannah Cloke


Flood forecasting research recognised

Professor Hannah Cloke wins NERC impact award for her research on flood forecasting.

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  wind turbine and solar panels


Our research: energy, weather and climate

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  Africa map


Supporting climate change research in Africa

The Walker Institute is a host organisation for the African Climate Change Fellowship Programme - the only host organisation outside of Africa.

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  surface temperature change


Climate and environment PhD opportunities

  • Study a range of fascinating topics
  • Capitalise on our innovative training opportunities
  • Engage with our business and government partners

Deadline: 2nd Feb 2015

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  fsubmerged car


UK Flooding and Climate Change

Workshop 17th Dec, 2014.

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  COP20 logo


University of Reading at UN Climate Summit

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  Futurelearn logo


Our changing climate: past, present and future.

Free on-line course.

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Join University of Reading experts for a fascinating journey through time where we will explore how climate shapes the way we live, the food we eat and the water we drink.

Looking into the past we will show you examples of inspiring innovation and ask - can our ingenuity see us through the future challenges that climate change will bring?




Climate and environmental change in the Hindu Kush/Himalaya

7-9 Nov, Kathmandu, Nepal

This conference will bring together experts from different backgrounds to identify transdisciplinary research needs.


  IPCC logo


UN Climate Report released today (2nd Nov).

The most comprehensive assessment of climate change to date.

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  Sir Gilbert Walker


Sir Gilbert Walker
an eminent meteorologist


Integrating the University of Reading’s excellence in climate change research

The University of Reading's Walker Institute for Climate System Research aims to enhance understanding and improve prediction of the risks and opportunities from our changing climate.


The Institute brings together the unrivalled breadth and depth of climate expertise that exists within the University of Reading.


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our climate our future image


Understanding and predicting our changing climate and its impacts

We are pioneering a more integrated approach to understanding and predicting climate and how it affects us – on timescales from seasons to decades and beyond. We consider human-induced climate change and also natural variations in climate.

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Predicting   Predicting   Impacts

Delivering world-leading research, training and advice


At the Walker Institute our climate change research is both fundamental and integrated.

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Training the next generation of climate scientists is a priority.

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Contact us for scientifically sound advice on climate and climate change.

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