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Africa - knowledge exchange

Our activities have a strong knowledge exchange element and we have strong links with many African organisations (academic, policy and development).


Working with the Rockefeller Foundation

The Walker Institute and the Statistical Services Centre are supporting eight Rockefeller Climate Change Units in East and Central Africa. The aim of the work is to help develop climate change adaptation strategies for agriculture based on scientific evidence.

The Rockefeller Foundation, a charitable organisation which has strong interests in climate change, has established eight Climate Change Units within five countries: Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia and Tanzania. The aim of these Units, which are located in agricultural research institutions and universities in the region, is to develop climate change adaptation strategies and technologies that will build the resilience of rural rain-fed farming communities in the face of anticipated climate change. The University of Reading is providing the scientific and technical support for these Units in order to achieve this goal.

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Contact: Dr Maria Noguer


The Africa Climate Exchange

The Walker Institute is leading an initiative to develop better links between climate scientists, local communities in Africa, governments, NGOs and the private sector to increase climate resilience in Africa. The initiative aims to:

  • Improve understanding of policy-makers’ issues by climate scientists
  • Improve understanding of climate information by policymakers
  • Build a sustainable framework for continuing dialogue between policymakers, NGO decision-makers and climate scientists

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Contact: Dr Ros Cornforth


African rainfall and crop forecasting

In collaboration with a number of Affrian Meteorology services we have developed a system to monitor rainfall over Africa using satellite observations to give full areal coverage in near real time.

We are providing information on rainfall in near real time to to the European Commission Joint Research Centre FOODSEC Action .

Since May 2010 TAMSAT rainfall estimates are available via GEONETCast . Rainfall anomalies calculated against a 10-year rainfall climatology (1998-2009) are disseminated in near-real time via GEONETCast since November 2010.

We are also providing dekadal cold cloud duration (CCD) data to the Sudan Meteorological Authority for use in their monthly and seasonal monitoring bulletins of the current crop growing season.

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African Climate Change Fellowship Programme (ACCFP)

The Walker Institute has become one of 15 "pre-approved" ACCFP Hosts Institutions and is the only Host Institution from a country outside Africa. As part of this Programme, the Institute will be hosting 2 Research Fellows working in the following areas:

  • Urban adaptation to climate change
  • Climate change and crop production.

The African Climate Change Fellowship Programme (ACCFP) provides experiential learning, education, research and training opportunities to African professionals, researchers, educators and graduate students to enhance their capabilities for advancing and applying knowledge for climate change adaptation in Africa. ACCFP is managed by the Institute of Resource Assessment at the University of Dar Es Salaam (IRA-UDSM) and implemented in partnership with START with funding from Climate Change Adaptation in Africa (CCAA).

Contact: Dr Maria Noguer


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