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Africa is one of the most vulnerable continents to climate variability and change due to multiple stresses and low adaptive capacity. However, there are still uncertainties about how climate might change over the continent and the impacts on water, food, health, development and biodiversity.

Africa represents a priority research area for the Walker Institute. Many groups across the University have expertise in Africa, including groups in meteorology, geography, agriculture, biological sciences and statistics.


Examples of our Africa research


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Areas of research

Weather and climate


Food and agriculture

Improving our understanding of African weather and climate - this includes research into the global drivers of African climate; enhancing the observational platforms with fields campaigns and satellites; improving the prediction of climate over Africa.


Lead scientists: Dr Emily Black, Dr Charlie Williams


We are working with smallholder farmers to facilitate innovation and understanding of climate risk and livelihood options.

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Lead scientists: Dr Peter Dorward

Adaptation and development


Capacity building

This includes research into the use of weather and climate data in decison-making, the practicality of potential adaptation measures as varied as index insurance and resettlement, and ways of enhancing rural livelihoods to increase resilience to change.

Lead scientists: Dr Emily Boyd, Dr Alex Arnall, Dr Henny Osbahr, Dr Sarah Cardey, Dr Ruth Evans


Supporting capacity building - this includes aspects of training and development addressed to farmers and researches and also aspects of communication and policy engagement.

Lead scientists: Dr Roger Stern


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