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Walker Institute at Planet under Pressure conference, 26-29 March 2012


Research from the University of Reading's Walker Institute will be featuring large and loud at the international Planet under Pressure conference in London.

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A selection of our research being presented at Planet under Pressure:

Understanding and predicting the risks from climate

•  How quickly will we see the effects of climate change? Dr Ed Hawkins and Prof Rowan Sutton (Meteorology/NCAS-Climate)

•  Managing the risks from climate hazards such as storms: Dr Jane Strachan/Prof Pier Luigi Vidale: Challenges in utilising natural hazard research for risk-assessment and risk-management

•  Energy crop cultivation iin Ghana and Brazil: Dr Emily Black

•  Dr Andy Turner, Dr Steve Woolnough, Dr Stephanie Bush: Analysing Indian Monsoon Biases in the Met Office Unified Model

•  Maria Shahgedanova: Glacier change in the mountains of northern and central Asia and its links to the changing climate: a review of the observed and projected trends (poster)


The impacts and consequences of a changing climate

•  Dr Emily Boyd (1): Enabling adaptation:  A Polycentric institutional approach; (2): Small is beautiful: Evaluating 'success' factors in a case of the small-scale cooperative afforestation CDM project on private land in India

•  Dr Nick Bardsley: Exploring paradigm shifts around climate change policy and research

•  Henny Osbahr: "Supporting agricultural innovation in Uganda to respond to climate risk:    linking climate change and variability with farmers' perceptions".

•  Ros Cornforth: Making climate science useful: Effective dialogue between climate scientists and humanitarian and development 'end users'  

•  Estimating the CO 2 mitigation potential of horizontal Ground Source Heat Pumps in the UK  (Raquel Garcia, Anne Verhoef, GuoHui Gan, Anthony Chong, Douglas Clark, Pier Luigi Vidale, Jon Finch, Eleanor Blyth)

•  Prof Peter Cooper, Dr Roger Stern, Dr Maria Noguer, Dr John Gathenya: Climate change adaptation in East  Africa






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