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UK Climate change risk assessment 2012

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The UK climate change risk assessment (CCRA) - January 2012


A quick guide to the CCRA


Risks from climate - our research

The Climate Change Risk Assessment is a national overview of the impacts of climate change that pose the most pressing risks to the UK.

It is the first climate change risk assesment produced by the Government, as required under the Climate Change Act 2008.



Our research is aimed at improving understanding of climate risks. Our work ranges from predicting the climate system to assessing climate impacts in a range of sectors. More>>

We also work with stakeholders in business and government to provide advice on the risks from climate change. More>>


Climate change policy in the UK


Climate change science

Under the Climate Change Act 2008 the UK is commited to cutting greenhouse gas emissions and to improving the UK's ability to adapt to climate change . More>>


The science is clear: the climate is warming and climate change is set to get worse through the 21st century.

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Comments from our scientists on the risk assessment

Professor Nigel Arnell, Walker Institute Director, University of Reading comments:

"The Climate Change Risk Assessment (CCRA) represents a vital step in highlighting and managing the risks and opportunities from climate change in the UK.  The assessment looks at possible impacts of climate change across a range of sectors, through the 21st century. The assessment identifies coastal and river flooding, heat waves and pressure on water resources as some of the most pressing risks for the UK.

The language of risk is essential when addressing climate change, because, while we can expect the UK to get warmer, we don't know all the details of how temperature and rainfall will change at a particular place.  The language of risk resonates with business and provides a way to build climate change adaptation in to plans for the future.

While the assessment provides a national overview, risks will depend on the particular business you are in. Many of these risks will be complex, and many may arise from climate changes in other parts of the world. It is important for organisations to assess their own individual risks and how they may adapt to them, and this needs close cooperation between the scientific community, public sector and business. The CCRA provides an excellent starting point for this cooperation."


Professor Rowan Sutton, Climate Director of the National Centre for Atmospheric Science comments on the report:

"Assessing the risks that climate change poses to the UK is a vital and urgent task, and one which involves numerous scientific challenges. The first UK Climate Risk assessment is an important landmark. As well as raising awareness about the risks we face, it highlights the need for further research to refine our knowledge in order to provide more detailed advice which policy and decision makers need to design cost-effective adaptation strategies. "





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