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UN Climate Change Conference, Durban 28th November - 9 December 2011

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Africa in the spotlight



Climate change and its impacts in Africa are a priority area of research for the Walker Institute. Our research covers: weather and climate; food and crops; adaptation, development and capacity building.

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Some highlights:


Working with flood affected communities in Mozambique

Mozambique is highly vulnerable to climate change due to its exposure to weather extremes, such as drought and flood, and high levels of poverty.

This summer (2011) Dr Alex Arnall visited people displaced by flooding in the Caia District, Zambezi Province to study the impacts of flood-induced displacement on local populations, and how the Mozambican government is responding through implementation of early warning systems, and poverty reduction and resettlement programmes.



Supporting climate change adaptation

The University of Reading’s Walker Institute and Statistical Services Centre are providing support to eight Rockefeller Foundation Climate Change Units in East and Central Africa to help them develop “evidence-based” adaptation options for rain-fed agriculture in East and Central Africa.

African agriculture is one Rockefeller's foci under their Climate Smart Rural Development for Africa initiative.

Dr John Gathenya has been appointed by the University of Reading as the Rockefeller Research Fellow to support the project. He is based with the Rockefeller Foundation in Nairobi.

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