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Walker Institute – organisational structure

The Director, Administrator, Communications Manager and Business Manager represent the core staff of the Walker Institute.

Constituent research groups remain attached to their current Department or Research Centre, but are formally affiliated to the Walker Institute. See more details of constituent groups

The Institute also has the following:

  • Executive Group: This comprises the Director, other core staff, School representatives and the Business Manager from Research and Enterprise Services. This group, with the Director, will oversee the day-to-day running of the Institute and its financial management, and guides the business strategy.
  • Advisory Board: This is an independent body to assess and monitor progress, and to advise on business and scientific strategy. It will consist of University representatives, stakeholders, major sponsors and independent advisors.
  • Research Forum: This group will be led by the Director and will consist of the leaders of all the affiliated research groups. Its remit will be to guide the science strategy of the Institute, its research activities and the communication of Walker Institute science.

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